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Students Can Perform Their Way to a Great Job

Employers look for and seek out college students who can get things done. They believe that what you’ve done in the past is the best predictor of what you will do in the future. Therefore, while in college, wise students build a list of significant accomplishments and positive contributions. These students understand that they can’t talk their way into a great job, but they can perform their way to one.

Since employers don’t owe anyone a good job, college grads will have to get one the old fashion way. They’ll have to earn it. Therefore, if you are serious about doing the things that can lead to great job, here is a list for you to follow:

Classroom Performance / Grades – You already know that grades count. However, in addition to grades, you are expected to do other things. The best students participate in class by providing comments and insights, asking questions and feeding off of other student comments. Great students do great research, turn in well written papers, work well with others on projects and make thought provoking presentations. They also build strong relationships with the most respected and influential Professors in their field of study. When these Professors need help with research for books and projects, the best students are ready and willing to help.

Participation In Campus, Work And Community Activities – The college experience is filled with a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow. The best students make the most of these opportunities. Like other students, they may be apprehensive about testing their knowledge and skills. However, they face their fears and get involved with campus, work and community activities, in order to gain experience and learn new things. This is how students build a list of impressive accomplishments and successes. Employers always prefer to hire students who have proven themselves beyond the classroom.

Communication – Employers need people who have exceptional communication skills. They always take notice when students read, write, speak and present effectively. That’s why wise students make a point of regularly working to improve these critical skills. When students become known for their exceptional communication skills, they will have given themselves a tremendous advantage during their senior year job search.

Leadership – Students who develop, practice and utilize their leadership skills to get things done will always be in demand. Yes, it’s important to be able to do some things on your own. However, it is even better to lead a group of people, as they accomplish things that can’t be done by one person. By getting involved and accepting responsibility, students can progress to the point where they are able to lead others with similar goals. Someday, they may even be able to lead other leaders. That’s when great things can really get done. The ability to influence others is a skill that all students should strive to develop. Importantly, when the goals are right, all students can find the courage and strength to lead others.

People Skills – The ability to interact, collaborate, support, supervise and build good working relationships with a wide range of people on campus, at work and in the community is the kind of skill that all major employers seek. Since few jobs allow people to work in isolation, good people skills are valued by all employers.

Excel / Stand Out / Differentiate – Every student is good at something. When students discover their talents and skills, they would be wise to look for ways to display them and make them known to employers of interest. The best employers take notice of students who stand out from the crowd. Whenever students are able to differentiate themselves in a positive way, there will be employers who need those talents or skills.

Results – In the end, it’s the results that count. Students who achieve outstanding results in one form or another will put themselves in the forefront of employer demand. Employers recognize that many people work hard and try hard, but only a much smaller number of people can achieve the most difficult results. That’s the group that the best employers need and want. Therefore, smart students pay close attention to the results they achieve.

All of these critical factors can be addressed and improved by students who develop and follow a well thought out plan of action. When students decide where they want to go, they can lay out a step-by-step plan that will lead to the goal. The important thing to remember is that students can perform their way to a great job.

by Bob Roth
The “College & Career Success” Coach

Visit Bob’s web site: Bob Roth is the author of The 4 Realities Of Success During and After College -and- The College Student’s Guide To Landing A Great Job.