Brands I Trust When Buying Furniture Online

Buying kids furniture online can present an enormous challenge to the prospective buyer. Like clothes, shoes, and food, furniture is a product that needs to be experienced by a multitude of senses in order to completely quantify its value. One way to compensate for your inability to become fully acquainted with the product is to find a few brands whose quality you trust. Targeting these brands when making online purchases can greatly improve your online buying experience.Having worked at a furniture store for a number of years, I’ve met with a great deal of discerning customers who want to special order quality merchandise. I have also experienced my share of customers who were unsatisfied with furniture they ordered. (Note: special ordering furniture is essentially the same as buying furniture online.) In order to adequately satisfy my customer’s needs, I selected a few “go-to” companies whose catalogs are the first I show. In this article, I will share one of my favorite furniture manufacturers with you in order to improve your furniture buying experience.Ashley FurnitureAshley is a company that strives to be the BEST furniture company, bar none. This company is the number one selling furniture manufacturer in North America due to its commitment to value, quality, low price, and design excellence. Its status as a manufacturer was earned through great buying experiences by thousands of customers. In short: you literally can’t go wrong with this company as long as you understand the type of products they manufacture.Targeting middle-income clientele, Ashley is devoted to manufacturing sturdy, stylish, comfortable, although somewhat generic furniture rather than “family heirlooms.” This is a product that will last you for years, but will tend to sit back in the mix when decorating a room. Luckily, mixing relatively inexpensive furniture, such as Ashley’s, with a few stand-out pieces is an excellent way to decorate a room on a budget.Buying TipGo to one of Ashley’s stores, if you live near one, in order to find the product you like. These stores only sell Ashley’s products, and they tend to be very well merchandised and decorated. However, the margins charged at these stores are ridiculous. This was done to prevent the alienation of existing retailers selling Ashley’s products. Once you’ve found something you like, write down the item number. Now either shop for the item online or go to another retailer and have them special order it for you. Of course, the online purchase will be the least expensive option, but the price of the item ordered through a retailer other than Ashley will be lower as well.

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