A Real Furniture Warehouse

If your looking for a real furniture warehouse then look no further to Rocky Mountain Home Furniture.  The business is literally in a warehouse, hosting some of the finest furniture you have ever seen.  When you walk in your are immediately welcomed into a beautiful yet calm showroom.  The main entrance houses an incredible living room display with the best decor around.After this you will see a door into the furniture warehouse showroom housing many products from Dynasty Furniture to Eztia.  You will also see Sylvan Lakes only appliance store in town.  The ability to have all stock in a warehouse is to simply cut costs so customers can really save money on products.   This gives the ability to Rocky Mountain Home Furnishings to deliver massive savings to customers.There is also many other ways to get what you need with this furniture warehouse and that is simply by looking through the different catalogs that Rocky Mountain Furniture has and choosing what you want and order it.  You can literally get everything you need for your home.The rocky mountain home furniture warehouse started back in 2006 and have been in business for about 5 years now.  They started off in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and have expanded it and took the business to beautiful Alberta.  They been servicing the Sylvan lake community for a short number of months but usually do most of their business through wholesale purchases around the province.Having a furniture warehouse allows for better prices on all items and benefits the business owner and customers.  Usually people who want to save a lot of money can do so by purchasing directly from the warehouse without having to go to an actual retail outlet.  This business model is working and it helps the businesses grow to become very successful.There is not to much furniture warehouse type of style showrooms anywhere anymore.  Many small businesses have been failing lately while big box office stores take over such as Leons, Brick, and Ashley Furniture to name a few.  The market has dropped nearly 25% in sales from last year alone while many mom and pops furniture stores have been going out of business left and right.That is why Rocky Mountain Home Furniture Warehouse store had to differentiate itself to becoming a wholesale furniture place.  The location may be hard to find and they plan on growing and moving to the retail side of Sylvan lake to get more noticed.Judging by how the furniture industry is going will see if this business has the strength to keep battling and fight through the bad economic time.  Can this mom and pops store stay successful?

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